Why the Strange Name?

As I finally get my personal blog off the ground, I struggled with a name for my thoughts.

I started thinking about my farm operation. My family has farmed for decades and I’m proud to be the 4th generation on the farm. My two 5th generation farm kids are ages 6 and 3 and love all things agriculture.

When I was growing up I remember fencerows. Mainly because I “got” to clean them alot! It seemed to be my job to pick trash off the fencerows. But if you travel through Indiana farm fields now, you rarely see a fencerow.

Why? Because farmers take out the fences to be able to plant just a few more rows of corn or soybeans. Former Secretary of Agriculture and Purdue Dean of Agriculture Earl Butz urged farmers to plant commodity crops like corn “from fencerow to fencerow.” Many heeded his words.

And sometimes my life feels like that. I am running full-steam, taking out the fencerow so I can fit in just a few more things.

And this blog is my attempt to squeeze yet one more thing into my already chaotic walk. I hope you will bear with me as I plant a few more rows of my life and give you my view from FenceRow to FenceRow.


  1. I like the name of your blog as it reminds me of that saying, “between you, me and the fence post.”

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