See me…I’m Vlogging!!

I really don’t know if “vlogging” is a word accepted by Webster’s Dictionary. If it isn’t, I’m adding it to my vocabulary. Because I’m video blogging! Yes, I’m learning to accept I have hair and hips for radio. But my voice has always been my strong point. My first career was behind a microphone as a farm broadcasters for radio stations across Indiana and sometimes, in front of a TV camera. Writing is hard for me. Talking comes naturally.

So I’m going to try video blogging. And I want your feedback! Not the feedback where you tell me I need to lose 40 pounds. Or that I need better hair and makeup. But the feedback that tells me if you like this? What would you like to see me feature? More pictures of harvest? The hog barns? My kids?!

Honestly, for the first time in a long time in awhile, I’m excited about what this means for my blog. I’ve struggled, trying to find its home, telling the farm story that I am so passionate about and standing out amongst so many other blogs. But I think this is it. You’ll still see me write on here. I do have plenty of recipes and stories to share. But when it comes to the farm, I’ll show it to you through video. And you can see what our 4th generation family farm looks like!  And you’ll still see the 5th generation helping on the farm too!

When I shot this video, all of the combines doing wheat harvest were at the back of the field. I was able to catch a picture after they had parked for the night.  There are two combines and one grain cart in this picture.  You’ll see the grain cart in the video.


Now for the video! Be kind! And yes, the grain cart is sideways in one part of the video. My Farmer wasn’t driving it like that, I turned my camera and can’t figure out how to correct it yet! Sorry for that!

Wheat Harvest 2014



A Failed Calculus Exam but a Kiss from a Boy

It is the Friday of finals week at Purdue. The campus is filled with caffeine-driven, sleep-deprived, panicked and anxious students. It is a week I don’t miss, although I do have found memories of one finals week.

Purdue finals week 1993 holds a special place in my memory. And it wasn’t for the stellar grades I received or other academic excellence. Rather, it was the week my future husband and I would officially start dating.

I met my future farmer during Christmas vacation of my freshman year. I had gone to Purdue with a boyfriend from high school, although the relationship didn’t last much past Halloween. I wasn’t looking to get serious with anyone, just make a lot of friends. I often joke that my Dad sent me to Purdue to get my Mrs. degree, to find a farm boy to bring back home to farm with him! A B.S. was a good second degree, but I think my Dad really wanted me to bring home a farmer.

I was very active in Purdue’s Christian Campus House all throughout college. Christmas break of my freshman year included a Campus House sponsored mission trip to Cookson Hills, Oklahoma. Cookson was a place I had visited in high school and someplace I was excited to visit again. And as per God’s plan, my future husband, whom I had yet to meet, was on the trip as well.

A funny thing happened on that trip to Oklahoma. 80 other students went as well, including my future husband. It didn’t take long to notice him.  He was tall, blue-eyed with a cute short curly brown mullet of hair!! Heck, it was the early 90′s, mullets were still popular.

I spent the week flirting with my future husband. And when second semester started, we just happened to be in the same Calculus class! We spent a lot of time studying together. Although while I studied him, he actually learned math.

After our Calculus final exam, which I would have to retake my sophomore year, he asked if he could take me to lunch. Then we walked hand-in-hand back to my dorm room. I was waiting for my Grandpa to pick me up, as the semester was now over, so The Future Husband was not allowed to stay. Before he left, he kissed me. I thought I was going to pass out. My Grandpa must have suspected something because the first thing he said when he picked me up was “who’s the boy?” I guess happiness was written all over my face.

My future husband proposed to me 6 months after that calculus exam and we were married a year and a half year later. God put him in my path and after knowing him for 21 years and preparing to celebrate our 19th anniversary this summer, I can still look fondly back on finals week 1993. When I reminded him of this timeline, he said it seems like yesterday. I agree. I still think of us in college. And I’m so happy that I flunked that Calculus class. I gained the love of my life.

Rusty and I

Does a Number Mean I’m Over the Hill?

I remember vividly the day my Mom turned 40. My sister and I decorated her house with all things black. My sister told her that she was halfway to dead. My Mom spent most of the day upset!! We laugh about her reaction now. And all of a sudden I understand why she dreaded that […]

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Despite the Headaches, We still Farm

2013-10-17 09.31.30-1

Who wants to work a job where you are under constant criticism, certain group of people want to see you fail and will go to many lengths to wreak havoc on your job, weather will take months of hard work and it in an instant and you aren’t guaranteed an income after all the hard […]

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I Eat the Food Raised on My Farm


I am often surprised by the scare tactics used to misinform people about the safety of their food.  Organic, vegetarian, vegan, all-natural, local, pasture raised, corn-fed, and so many other terms can be found on food items up and down the grocery store aisles.  But does one term really make it better than everything else? […]

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It may be big, but it’s still my family farm


I am the 4th generation on my family farm. The Farmer and I returned to my family farm while we were still students at Purdue. And I’m constantly asked how big our farm is.   It’s not a question I really answer.  Not because I need to hide anything, but because it’s a business.  It’s […]

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The Ache of Quiet

I talk, a lot.  The Farmer used to tell me that I not only use all of my words during a day, but that I use his as well.  So to have  day when I can’t think of words to say is rare. But that describes what my day has been like. Quiet. Sad. Shocked […]

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Fitness Friday: Old Ben 5K


I’m getting ready to run my first race in a long time! It’s a simple 5K.  Or it should be simple, except that it’s been cold. See the snow?  And the temperature reading on my car?  That was warm compared to what some of my runs have been in recent weeks. I’m running as an […]

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Need to Breathe


Need to Breathe.  The name of one of my favorite Christian crossover bands.  And the reality of my past month. In the days of 2014, I’ve been overwhelmed with snow days, cold weather, a lack of running due to our horrible Midwest winter. I started to feel myself shut down. Close up emotionally.  And just […]

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Attempting Authenticity

2014-02-17 12.45.05

I sat through a blog workshop recently where the facilitator told us in order to gain traffic to our blog, we needed to be authentic.  That made me uncomfortable. I don’t want to be authentic.  I like you, as my reader, to think I have it all together.  I don’t want you to know that […]

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