My Hand in a Bag of Chocolate Chips

Today was my monthly weigh-in.  The day to drag the dreaded scale, strip down naked, hold my breath and gingerly step on the horrible machine.

I knew I wouldn’t have a 20 pound loss like I did in my first month of weight loss efforts.  I was hoping for a 10 pound loss.  So when the scale showed a total loss of 7 pounds for the month, I was disappointed.  Everyone keeps telling me that weight loss should be slow.  I hate that advise.  I have so many pounds to lose, rolls I’d like to disappear and dimples that aren’t in my cheeks that need to vacate my body.

This day wasn’t my best day ever.  I have one with strep throat.  So she couldn’t go to school and I stayed home for work with her.  I have so much work that I was divided between her needing me and my job needing my attention!  My breakfast choices were great, but as the day went on, I found myself taking dips and snacks whenever I walked through the kitchen.  And when I found my hand in a bag of chocolate chips, I reached out to a friend so she could tell me to stop!  And she did!

So at the end of the day, I needed to go to the gym.  And at 8pm on a Friday night, this is what I was greeted with.


My gym was empty. I had the entire place to myself.  It’s nice to work out on whatever machine I want to use.  But eerily quiet as well!

One of the pieces of equipment I like using is this Bosu Ball.  It’s horrible if you don’t have any balance.  But I like using it.

Bosu ball

My favorite way to use this is to flip it over so the round part is on the floor.  Then you stand on the flat part, feet as far apart as possible, grab a weight in both hands and do squats.  It may sound easy, but remember you are balancing on a squishy ball thing and trying not fall off!

All of the squats, combined with my other weight lifting and running efforts, have led to a total of 27 pound weight loss.  I’ve also lost 19 inches.  Yet, I look in the mirror and I don’t see any differences.  The inches have come off in weird spots.  Like my neck.  I never knew my neck was fat!  Yet, I’ve lost 2 inches from my neck.


I’m not sure what the lesson from this months weight loss efforts are.  So many challenges and self-doubt keep racking my brain.  I keep saying this isn’t a diet, but a change in lifestyle.  But I want the scale to move quickly.  So I’ll keep trudging along and hopefully reach my weight loss goal by 2025.  Or maybe, if I’m lucky, just a few years sooner.  There’s a cute bikini waiting for me to try on again.



Weight Loss Frustrations

I have been on a weight loss journey for 48 days.  The first 30 days were incredible.  The weight moved down at a rapid pace.  Then it all stopped.  And I’m struggling.

2015-09-26 12.36.17

I’ve lost 22.4 pounds.  Yet, two weeks ago I had lost 22.4 pounds.  Then last week I gained a pound.  I thought about beating my scale with a hammer.  Instead I put on the workout clothes and went for a run. This week the kids and I went camping.  And I didn’t follow the best eating plans. But I did workout everyday!  When I stepped on the scale I expected a big loss to make up for last weeks gain.  Yet it only showed a one pound loss, taking me back to where I started two weeks ago.

And there was more frustration.  Again, my answer was to lace up the shoes and hit the weight racks at the gym.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the giant gym mirrors.  I’m not impressed.  The is nothing good to look at.  I’m still jiggly thighs, big boobs, sweaty hair and big calves.  While I feel better, I don’t look better.  I need to lose 100 pounds.  And when the scale is now barely moving, this feels like it will take forever.

2015-09-26 05.12.27

This quote hangs on the wall of my gym.  I’ve finally quit making excuses.  I’m the only one responsible for my health.  It’s not up to anyone else to get me healthy.

2015-09-26 05.16.36

So I go to the gym.  And I lift heavy weights.  And I sweat, jiggle and still try to smile.  I try to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint.  I have 37 days left in my 12 weeks challenge.  I’ve done something I never thought I could do, work out for 48 days in a row.  No excuses.  Just one foot in front of the other.












Crockpot Lasagna Soup

lasagna soup

This post features me comparison shopping at three different grocery stores.  This trips were sponsored by Indiana’s Family of Farmers.  And while they compenstated me for the post, the opinions are all my own.  Including my disgust with Whole Foods. I’ll admit to really loving the grocery store.  I like looking at packaging, products, marketing […]

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Opening the Farm to a Visitor

2015-08-28 11.16.21

Our farm is a very busy place.  There are always baby pigs being born, crops to harvest and animals to take care of.  We get many requests to visit the farm.  Because baby pigs are cute and people want to see them.   But we don’t let the public on our farm.  It takes a […]

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In Case You Were Waiting For Me to Fail

2015-09-18 05.50.45

When I put my entire weight loss journey out for everyone to see, I assume there might be someone who is just watching to see if and when I fail. Your wait is over.  I feel like I’ve fallen. I decided a month ago I would only be weighing myself once a week.  And I […]

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Overwhelmed and Motivated


I posted last week about my weight struggles.  And since sharing my awful fat-feeling stories, I’ve been overwhelmed with the messages and support you all have given me.  Seriously.  You know how to make a girl cry! I’ve had lots of people ask me what diet I’m following.  And a few who want me on […]

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Saying Goodbye and the Last Meal


This is my Grandpa. I took this picture when we were butchering hogs this past winter.  Butchering is a time-honored tradition my family has done for decades.  We all gather, even the youngest kids, to process and prepare the meat from hogs and cattle raised on our family farms.  The meat goes in our freezer […]

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Wilted Lettuce Dressing

I’ve always loved to plant a garden.  I think as a farmer, I just have a super fondness for dirt.  However, the garden is always ready to be weekend and picked around county 4H fair season.  So the weeds grow and I get frustrated and stop tending it like I should This year I tried […]

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Where can you buy the pigs we raise?


I’m often asked where people can buy the pigs we raise on our farm.  The answer isn’t exactly an easy one. We do butcher our own hogs.  Every year over Christmas, my family gets together to butcher, cut and wrap up meat for our own consumption. Grandpa supervises. We always have ham, ribs and lots […]

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Can you Feed Your Family For $50 or Less?

2015-03-30 17.42.06

I’m continuing my look at our monthly grocery bill with a challenge of seeing how cheaply I can feed my family of 5 hungry people!  This series, brought to you by my friends at Indiana’s Family of Farmers, features four meals of breakfast, lunch dinner or a combo of all three.  And each meal much […]

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