I Can’t Believe He Did This

It has been well documented in this blog that I love my husband.  Seriously. He’s a great guy. He works hard and he’s a great dad to our girls. But I think our nearly 15-year marriage has hit a rough spot.
You see, I’m going to have to hang him. Our house has been fairly peaceful.  Both girls sleep through the night with little chance of waking. At 6&3 years old, they are both potty trained and have been for some time. For the most part, they are self-sufficient. 
But the most recent addition to our house pees on everything. Including my brand new living room carpet.  And he stinks. And he has paws the size of Alaska.  And he licks my toes and bites my skirts. And he’s so darn cute that I couldn’t say no when my dear husband brought him home.
This addition to our family comes just 12 weeks before another addition is due. And I don’t have time to potty train a dog right before giving birth to a human. 
My husband has a big heart. He rescued this dog from a friend that had a pregnant dog show up and give birth on his property. My husband will play like a man and pretend that he doesn’t like dogs and stray kittens, but we now have an 8-week old puppy in our house.  And there is a whole litter of very friendly kittens outside of our back door. 
In my defense, I am a softy as well.  My parents never let me have a pet growing up, saying the farm full of pigs was plenty. So I decided when I had kids that they could have whatever animals they wanted.  So now we have Biscuit, the dog who pees on everything.  But don’t my kids look happy?
Anyone have advice on how to potty train a dog?  I’d really like to save my carpet. And my sanity.


  1. Good luck! No advice. I have never had to train a puppy. We’ve always been given older dogs people couldn’t continue to keep.

    You really have a ton going on right now!! Man oh man. It’s nice to know you married a softy, though. That put a smile on my face. And your girls sure do look happy.

    Just 12 weeks!! Wow. 🙂

  2. I don’t have any advice – we’ve always had older, house-trained, rescue dogs. This reminds me of a couple I know who had NEVER had a dog, lived in a little house in town, and got a black lab puppy a few weeks before their baby was born.

  3. No advice here…:) I’d hang mine too with a baby on the way. But it is an adorable little fella 🙂

  4. Wow!! He is big and really cute!We always take the puppy out after his meals, before going to bed, and whenever he whimpers at night. Or you have to really clean the carpet where he pees so he wont be able to smell where he last did it 🙂

  5. Alisa – good idea. it’s just like a toddler, take ’em out every 1/2 hour, every time they start sniffing the carpet, put a doggy door in so he can get in and out on his own. (put a ‘lock’ on it so you can lock him out (or in) or so people can’t get in while you are out.

    Shoot – better yet – make him an outdoor dog.

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