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It’s not often I cross-blog, posting the same blog on my work blog (http://www.indianawines.blogspot.org/) and my personal blog. But this project has consumed my mind and a good portion of my budget and I want everyone to see it!

Who doesn’t own an Iphone or Ipad? While my phone is still a Blackberry, I recently bought an Ipad and am in love! This little creature can do it all. And with all of this new technology came a huge desire by me to jump in.

So, the Indiana Wine Grape Council has announced the debut of a free iPhone app that enables wine enthusiasts to discover and learn more about the state’s 48 wineries. Sound fun? You’re going to love it.

The “Indiana Winery Guide,” available on the iTunes app store, provides Hoosier wineries yet another way to engage and connect with consumers who support this fast growing industry. The initiative continues to position Indiana on the leading edge of wine marketing among wine associations in the U.S.

The app was created by Mobiltopia, a leading Indianapolis-based mobile app development company.

The “Indiana Winery Guide” app launched in early June, just ahead of the 11th annual Vintage Indiana Wine & Food Festival on June 5 at Military Park in downtown Indianapolis. The app’s introduction also celebrated June Wine Grape Month as declared by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

The app enables users to map local wineries, obtain directions, view photos and details about the wineries’ amenities, and travel along a wine trail. A special feature of the app showcases Traminette, Indiana’s inaugural Signature Wine, along with a listing of all wineries that offer it. Users also can mark their favorite wineries and wines for future reference when making purchasing decisions after a winery visit.

The best part? IT’S FREE! And it’s available via the iTunes app store to any user of an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The app will be updated regularly as new wineries open their doors. The app uses a tourism-platform that Mobiltopia created specifically to power this particular app, The platform has proven so successful that it will be used by Mobiltopia to create future tourism apps.

“It’s a very flexible system, allowing us to add new features and functions,” said James Burnes, Mobiltopia’s CEO and founder. “We have several upgrades planned for the coming weeks and months as we get feedback and analytics from users.”

More information about the app is available at http://www.mobiltopia.com/apps/indiana-winery-guide/


  1. Well I don’t have an iPhone or and iPad; however, I do have an iTouch. 🙂 Great work!

  2. Cool! I am not an ipod gal, but this sounds really interesting and fun for those who do:)

  3. I’m a new follower of Weds Blog hop,
    Thanks, Mr. Monkey


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