Nearly 3000 Wines to be Judged!!

What might be the best job to have for a few days? How about judging 2600 wines at Purdue University?!

The 2010 Indy International Wine Competition is taking place in the Memorial Union of Purdue University. Over 50 judges from around the world have gathered in West Lafayette to sniff, swish, spit and score their ways to determining a Best of Show!


We divide our judges into panels. The panel above is made up of Jeanne Burgess, VP of Winemaking at Seavin; Dana Huber, Marketing and PR Director at Huber’s Orchard, Winery and Vineyard; Carl Behnke of Purdue University; and Scott Tucker, Co-President of Maple Leaf Farms!

This is just a portion of the wine the judges will go through. Whew!!


  1. My BIL and SIL work wine judging in Indy and love it. Their “private collection” increases after one of these shindigs! Yummy for us!

  2. oh wow! That would be pretty fun! But I’m such a lightweight – I’d be drunk in no time!

  3. Wow! That is a lot of wine. Love the pics!

  4. Hey Katie – they judges do have to spit!!

    Lana – I’m wondering who your BIL and SIL are? We they are our competition?

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