Time to pick a winner!

My job as Marketing Director of the Indiana Wine Grape Council has me at the fair alot. I have a booth in the Ag/Hort building.  I spend time in meetings and greeting many people as they tell me their favorite wine!
So I think I know the fair inside and out.  I’ve seen it all at some point.  However, Monday was a fun day to experience the fair with fellow bloggers and our kids!  Thanks to the Indiana Soybean Alliance, American Dairy Association of Indiana and Indiana Pork Producers for the tickets and meals they provided for myself and my Panda.  We were exhausted from walking the fair all day, but were well fed along the way!  I’ll have more posts this week on our fun day of activities.

I am happy to announce the winner of the ticket giveaway, using the website RANDOM.org is…(insert drumroll)…Windi!  Please email me at the email on my contact list and I’ll get your tickets to you!

Congratulations and enjoy the fair!


  1. Yesterday, truly was a lot of fun. Big Sissy had a blast with Panda.

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