My Sanity in a Pair of Shoes

These running shoes represent my sanity.  20 days after having a baby, I laced them up and went for a run. And a piece of my sanity returned, step by step.

I started running in 1996.  I stepped on the scale one morning and was repulsed by the number that stared back at me.  I had been married to my farmer for one year and had put myself last on the to-do list.  I was in school full-time, working full-time and trying to be a wife, all at 21 years old. 

I put on a pair of shoes and ran in a straight line from my house until I was exhausted and turned around and walked home.  Each day was a challenge to run a bit further.  As the years passed, I challenged myself to run races, starting with 5K’s and working my way up to marathons.

My first marathon was in Walt Disney World in 1999.  Since that time I have run 4 more marathons, a dozen half-marathons and countless small local races. The medals are all saved and provide a perspective of the miles covered.  I’ve even run a half marathon in Napa, California, where the finish line featured a wine festival. After that race, I firmly believe all races should end with wine! It’s good to have a goal to run for!

So today, when I have been feeling a bit exhausted from seemingly endless feeding sessions of a 3 week old, homework for the 6 year old, the meanderings of the 4 year old, laundry, meals, and trying to keep up with my “real” job while supposedly on maternity leave, I decided I need to run.  With each step of a fairly slow 3 mile run, I felt a bit of myself returning.  Running is my passion.  And while I have the pace of a turtle instead of the hare, it is a time of reflection.  I can’t wait to lace up the shoes again tomorrow.


  1. Holy Moly!! Running 20 days after giving birth… are superwoman:) Wish I had that motivation…..What accomplishments with all those marathons and halfs, etc. Congrats!!

  2. You cease to amaze me. I can’t even find the motivation or time to run and my baby is 17 months old not 3 weeks old, but I do understand that it is your time to be alone and that I can really relate too. I hope you are enjoying your maternity leave. Take care and don’t work too hard!

  3. Congrats on your new baby Are we going to get a peek at Baby?

  4. I am impressed. I wish I had your resolve. I could use some of that focused me time.:)

  5. So glad you are getting out for some “YOU” time, even if you have to run for it! 😉 I walk instead of run, and I can tell that I need to get back at it because I seem to get angry at the drop of a hat. I need to walk this tension off so I can be a kinder, gentler mother, wife, friend, and all-around general person.

  6. I need to lace up my shoes. You have inspired me! How is the baby? And the big sisters?

  7. Thanks all! Ibshould add the quads were a bit sore today! Leah,we re all well and the big sis love their bro to pieces! Makes having a third a bit easier!

    Lana, you hit it on the head. Running makes me a better mom, much calmer too!

  8. Congrats on the new baby!
    I’m glad you’re getting time to run–my husband has to run or he gets crabby. Me? There has to be a wild animal invovled before I could get any speed!

  9. That’s so super impressive!!

  10. I’m impressed, too. I hate running. And I’m bad at it. Which is probably why I hate it. Maybe I should try it your way – just run as far as I can. It wouldn’t be far, though. Maybe the finisher barns 1/4 mile away. 🙂

  11. I am a new follower and I would love a follow back!!

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