Cooking for a Crowd

I am a week late posting this. I hope my fellow blogger buddies will forgive my tardiness. I love to blog, but I also enjoy sleep. And since I’ve gone back to work again after having Lion Cub, I am tired. So if it’s a choice between blogging and sleeping, sleep wins.

Because my Farmer had to sell 5 loads of pigs the morning of our Freeze-O-Ram I had to join my friends later in the afternoon. He was in charge of the kids for the few hours I’d be gone as I had decided I needed a few hours to myself!

I made Chicken Pot Pie. This is so very simple and freezes well! This recipe will make two pies.

Melt 1/3c butter in a pan. Mmmm…butter

Chop 1 cup of onions, carrots and celery
Saute the mixture in the butter until tender
Add 1/2 c flour and stir until smooth. Then add 2 c. chicken broth and 1 c. evaporated milk
Cook, stirring constantly, until thick and bubble.
Stir in 4 c. cooked chopped chicken, 1 c. thawed frozen peas and salt and pepper to taste
Place one ready made pie crust in a pie plate. Shape to plate. Add filling and cover with top crust.
Pinch edges together. Slit top crusts and bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 350. Then cover with foil and bake another 30 minutes.
The recipe is featured in The Freezer Cooking Manual. I got this cookbook while Freezer Cooking with another group of friends!
And if you are attempting mass freezer cooking with small children, I highly recommend they nap while you cook!


  1. Definatly making this! I would not of thought of the evaporated milke – can’t wait to try!

  2. Looks yummy! I TOTALLY agree that sleep wins out over all else. Take it from one who battled insomnia for four years and still fights it from time to time.!

  3. The Frugalista got this dish in our sharing of the bounty! I was bummed.

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