Wordless Wednesday: Watered Down Electronics

I’d love to just post this picture and skip the explanation, however I know I’ll leave a few of you scratching your heads.

Bottom line – you should not put your Ipad in the washing machine.

Longer version – Saturday afternoon, while attempting to do laundry, cook a meal, empty the dishwasher and carry a baby around the house I put my Ipad in the washing machine.  Sounds impossible right? Not really. 

We have a 3-story old farmhouse.  I go up and down those stairs alot throughout the day. In an attempt to make one less trip, I took the laundry basket of dirty clothes and piled in a few other non-laundry items that needed to go downstairs, including my Ipad. I picked up my Lion Cub in my left arm, laundry basket in the right and headed downstairs. 

I got distracted fairly quickly. So I put down the laundry basket and tended to whatever distracted me.  I  came back to place Lion Cub in his exersaucer and do a load of laundry. I filled the washer with water and just dumped the basket in the machine. I walked away to start another project.  And then five minutes later I had that “DUH” moment when I realized what I had done.

I found my Ipad at the bottom of the washer. It’s been resting in a 9×13 pan of rice since Saturday. I read somewhere that would help it dry out. However, it still won’t turn on.

My Monkey told The Farmer that my “ipot” was dirty and it needed washed. Thankfully The Farmer laughed and said go buy a new one.  I think he is secretly hoping it will turn back on eventually and then he can have it.

My lesson learned, quit multi-tasking so much!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Thanks for the laugh this morning. And no, you are not alone in having “Duh!” moments. Picture me, pregnant with #2, locking #1 strapped in the car, with it running, in the rain. Yeah. And getting sidetracked is a minute by minute occurance in this house.
    Good luck and may it dry out quickly so your husband can have one, too!!

  2. My daughter did that with her Hubby’s phone Those things can happen.

  3. 🙁

  4. When I saw your tweet about this I cried a bit inside and now reading this I cried a bit on the outside!

  5. Your farmer is AWESOME!!!

    I do the same thing…why is it so hard to move things from one floor of the house to the other? I TRY to carry something up or down each time, but there’s still a pile on the stairs!

  6. :(. Glad you are going to get a new one. Do you think the battery needs charged or changed? Wondering if that might help…

  7. OH NO! I can so see how that can happen. Hugs to your hubby for being so great about it all. You have a great Valentine!

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