BIG Questions, No Answers?

My mind normally moves faster than I can keep up. Lately, my brain has been racing with the questions that come with raising a houseful of kids. I love my children completely. I think about them when I’m not with them and hate that they are growing up so fast.

I started worrying about the issue they will face as they get older long before they were ever born. My parents used to tell me they started praying for my future spouse when they found out they were pregnant with me! And now that I have kids, I understand what they were talking about.

Recently I’ve been struggling with some of the big questions that I know are coming down the road. Our Panda is seven years old and I know there are questions coming that will require some prayerful answers. While we hopefully have a handful of years before some of the big questions get asked, I know The Farmer and I have to be ready when those questions come out of her mouth.  The one I can’t wrap my brain around deals with boyfriends and what is appropriate and what isn’t. I think it’s all completely inappropriate!!  No boy better lay a hand on my girls and my Lion Cub better never touch a girl!! 

Now, you are likely rolling your eyes. And this is my struggle. Is it so wrong to teach our kids that they are to keep their hands, and all other parts of themselves, to themselves until they get married? Every time I listen to the radio, read an article or watch something on television, I constantly hear the message that “kids will be kids,” “everyone is doing it,” and society basically telling parents we are stupid if we think kids aren’t going to be a bit free in their relations.

I will admit I’m very conservative. My parents always told me that there was one guy for me and that I should wait for that person. And I don’t understand why it’s such a strange concept in today’s society.  Why are we, as parents, admitting that our kids will do something instead of teaching them to use some self-control?

Call me a prude. It’s OK. I’ve heard it before. Or tell me I’m wearing blinders and don’t want to see what’s coming. But know that my kids will be raised the same way my parents raised me. I don’t need society to tell me that everyone is doing it. But for now, thankfully, she still thinks boys have cooties and we have a few years before we have to address this question!


  1. Did you hear about the basketball player from Brigham Young University suspended for violating the school’s honor code? Google it. This is right up your alley! With two girls of my own to fret about at 8 & 6, I totally get what you are saying. With farm animals comes several opportunities to have “life” discussions, but erring on the side of caution in every momma’s prerogative, and I wish more would use it!

  2. Well, my dear I think we all struggle with this. I think some of us grew up in houses that were taught the same thing as you. Which is great and makes sense until you are in a situation that you don’t know how to get out of and maybe not the self confidence to simply walk away. Praying the same thing though. Praying for your kids to friend!

  3. I have two girls myself and struggle with the same issues. I worry so much about the future sometimes I feel like I am not enjoying the things going on currently.

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