Soup Makes the Body Feel Better

The past few weeks have brought about some sickness in our house. And while I did my best to fend off any of my three little people’s germs, they finally found me. So I spent the weekend feeling like I had been run over by a semi. And when I feel bad one of the things I most desire is some comfort food.

This time my comfort food of choice is a Vegetable Soup that I have been making for years. It is a soup my Mom made on cold, rainy fall nights to warm the chill off of you. It is a soup my family loves and can include anything that might be in your pantry.

My soup fits a great Iron Chef Challenge this month being sponsored by the great folks at Red Gold and my friend, Amy, at a Latte’ with Ott, A.

In full disclosure, I love Red Gold!! For years, their salsa has been the only salsa I can eat. My stomach doesn’t enjoy spicy food and their mild salsa is mild enough to compliment my chip cravings!

I’ve had the opportunity to tour their processing plant in Orestos, IN and was incredibly impressed by the volume of tomoatoes that goes through the factory.  I also know quite a few of their tomato growers and see many fields around northern Indiana that raise their product.

I was thrilled when this great box of goodies showed up at my office!

The Lion Cub really wanted to play with the car.

And then his sisters decided the car needed a Barbie doll. And that every picture I take should include them in it as well!  The Lion Cub wasn’t as excited by the Barbie driving his car as they were.

My Veggie Soup is really easy to make.  I first take a hunk of beef and cook it in the crock pot until done.  Yep, my Veggie Soup has beef.  I’m married to a farmer. I’m not going to get away with vegetarian dishes in this house. Plus it just tastes better with beef.
Shred the beef.  Take the beef juice from the crockpot and pour into a big pan.  Add another container of beef broth.  I use a 32 ounce box.  Chop half a head of cabbage and add veggie of choice.  I added lima beans, a bag of mixed veggies, a few cans of cannellini beans and a can of Red Gold whole tomatoes!
Then just let it simmer.  My Mom would let this simmer all day. But I don’t have quite that much time. So it simmered for an hour.
When it’s done your whole house will smell heavenly and you end up with some goodness in a bowl! And it’s almost guaranteed to cure any illness you might have!


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