Happy Birthday To Me

Birthday’s in our house are a big deal, if you can still count your age on two hands. For The Farmer and me, we don’t really celebrate as we once did. This concept completely baffled the children in our house. So they decided last week for my birthday I would be celebrating.

On the night before my birthday, my Panda did not want to read a story before bed, say prayers or have anything to do with me and the bedtime routine. She basically shoved me out of her room with a grin on her face. After tucking in Monkey and Lion Cub, I headed back to my room to find this waiting outside my door.

I hate surprises, even ones my kids make. So I had to flip the paper over and peek.

The splotches are from me dripping water on the paper. But I was so excited to get a birthday card! And she ran into my room the next morning to see if I had read it. Fun.

Not to be outdone, Monkey was insistent that we would celebrate my birthday. She even told me she invited all of her friends to my party.  Never mind that I wasn’t having a party, her friends were going to be there. And then she started worrying about who was going to make my cake and what I wanted on it. After the disappointment of no party and cake, she made The Farmer take her to town for present shopping. When they came back she told me she bought my present at Menard’s. Great. Cans of paint, hog barn materials or 2×4’s.  I was excited to open this gift.

Instead of barn material, I received a very pretty flowering plant. And then another surprise…

I’m fairly certain these didn’t come from Menard’s. I added the bottle of wine myself.  But the roses were from Monkey. She was so proud of herself! I think the last time I receives red roses from The Farmer he may have been proposing a lifelong celebration of birthdays together. It’s been awhile.

Supper was prepared on the grill by The Farmer.  Steaks and pork chops, we couldn’t decide what we were really hungry for.

And since I knew no one would be preparing a cake, I bought a butterscotch pie from the local Amish store.  Who needs cake when you can have pie?!

It was a good day. And the kids were so proud of themselves. Even if there was no party!


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU! We would have serenaded you yesterday if I had known! I have a birthday coming up next month with a “9” at the end. UGH! I remember not being 29, but OMG I AM GOING TO BE 30! I think this next one will be about the same. 39 was wonderful because I was planning my wedding, but ten years later, I feeling another panic attack coming on! 😉

  2. Happy Birthday! Definatly a great non-party!

  3. Sounds like a perfect birthday!!

  4. What a sweet child you have! I hope you had a great day!

  5. Happy Birthday to you! EVERY Birthday should be
    celebrated, no matter what, especially when you have children because it teaches them to love and honor the one with the Birthday and lays the groundwork for when their grown up with their children.(There’s nothing worse than Not celebrating a Birthday, because then it feels like that person doesn’t matter.) And oh yes, Everyone matters! Sooooo…..on that note, may Your Day be a Blessed one! 🙂 Happy Birthday!

  6. That sounds like a fun birthday!

    I’m stopping by from Liz’s blog and I’m so glad I did!

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