Where has the time gone?

I began anticipating my Monkey’s preschool graduation about 3 months ago. Which means I’ve been crying about it for roughly 3 months as well. Just the thought of her walking down the aisle in her little yellow cap and gown made me want to grab her up and rock her as I did when she was a baby.

So I’ve been thinking alot about her growing up. My Monkey came into the world as a tiny, stubborn child. Although she looked fairly angelic and innocent! Despite having a fast labor, she was pretty content to stay put in utero and required a bit of coaxing to get out.

After she was born, she turned a great shade of yellow/brown and spent about a week in the big city’s NICU. I spent the week crying as I had no idea what I had done wrong in the pregnancy and was so worried. We had left the little country hospital and were in a whole different setting in the big NICU. But she ended up being fine.  I learned alot about jaundice and heel pricks during the first 3 months of her life.  But she was really fine compared to some of the other mom’s and their babies I met while in that NICU.

She was a happy baby! And I had finally had a child who looked like me! This picture of my Monkey looks so much like some of my baby pictures, even down to the the tongue sticking out of her mouth.

My Monkey has always been such a camera bug!
A trip to DisneyWorld produced a great picture of my Monkey!
Monkey is the child who loves to follow her Daddy around the farm. She really is good help!
My Monkey has always been the kid who has somehow ended up in my bed when I wasn’t looking! Although her brother was here that morning as well. I find myself sometimes wishing she’d need to crawl in bed and just talk at night. I worry about the day when she won’t want to talk to me, although I can’t imagine that day will come.
This past Friday, Monkey graduated from preschool.
She has been blessed with the greatest preschool teacher around!
And she made some fantastic friends in preschool.
So she has now put preschool in the rear view mirror. And has moved full speed to getting ready for kindergarten.  My heart longs for those moments in the middle of the night when I can rock her back to sleep.  But I move forward knowing great memories will be made in the next few years.


  1. What a sweetheart! You are raising beautiful children between fencerows!

  2. Tear. How do they grow up so fast?

  3. You can still pick her up and rock her, but she might be a bit more wiggly and giggly than she was. I still grab mine, and Tink is just about to my shoulder!

  4. I’m glad I didn’t read this when I was with you today as I would have many more tears in my eyes than I do reading it at home by myself. I can so relate.

  5. Anonymous says

    beautifully written Jeanette (as always). Had to wipe a few tears away as I fear my little mini me (10 1/2 yrs old) will someday not want to talk to me about everything from what she is reading to the boy she likes…they grow up way too fast.


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