Blogging Woes

I have hit the perverbial writer’s block. I have nothing interesting to write about. Or I don’t think I do. 

I have plenty of pictures on my camera of recipes waiting to be shared, the first day of school for Panda and Monkey needing to be posted, and pictures of vacation with the family.  And yet I can’t find the desire to post them.

Anyone want to give me a swift kick in gear?


  1. Nathan Miller says

    Just think of all of us out there there would love to have the time or the job to blog, but simply cant, don’t know how to get started, or their current job is keeping them from what they would love to do, like Blog! The readers are itchin to see how the summer has been going and see how those Muchkins have grown and tanned this summer! Comon ma…set some chicken breasts covered in salsa in the crockpot on high right now and you’ll have green beans and fresh ears of corn as a side dishes and now you have some free time 😉 Oh the love of summer in the midwest, where does the time go

  2. Best advice I’ve ever gotten when saying “I don’t know what to do,” was “Then don’t do anything at all.” So take a break. Go for a walk. Decide to take a week off — or maybe two or three – from blogging. It’s August. It’s okay. If anyone asks, just tell them I said so. : ) Happy Blogging, later on, when you’re ready again!

  3. Right there with you. Shoot for a “Wordless Wednesday on Saturday” and see if that helps. You have had sooooo much going on these last couple of weeks that blogging will either be a blessing of a curse. We will all be here when the block is lifted.

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