Wordless Wednesday: Fall Smiles

Fall is beautiful in the Midwest.  And a great time to take some pictures of my family.
My young lady. Not sure when she grew up.

My other young lady.  I’m biased but believe she is so beautiful.
And this little guy just makes me giggle!
Lucky me!!
I must thank my friend Mandy Miller at MK Photos.  If she can take my kids and make them look so happy then she can do miracles with your kids too!


  1. Love that curly hair! Sweet smiles. Happy WW!

  2. Adorable! We need to have some new family pics taken! Hope harvest is going well. We seem to be having one of “those” days here where nothing is going as planned. I headed back to the house, a much safer place to be right now! Think I’ll make some biscuits and gravy to see if any moods will improve by lunch!

  3. Gorgeous pictures.

  4. Really great pictures – really cute kids!

  5. Love the picture Beautiful children

  6. You sure do make beautiful babies! What great pictures.

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