Farmer Friday – A Bored 7 Year Old

It should not come as a surprise that my kids spend a large amount of their free time during the fall following their Daddy around on the farm.  And my Farmer loves it. On this particular Saturday afternoon my Panda was completely bored waiting on The Farmer to get done eating his supper. So she decided to wait, not so patiently. Priceless!


  1. There is nothing quite so scary at our house as a bored 6 year old…She will be seven on Wednesday, so I can’t imagine where her mind will take her when she is a bored 7 year old. I had better lock up all the craft stuff NOW!

    Hope you were able to get back out in the field again this weekend. We are rained out today, still trying to help a friend put his last field to rest: 180 acres of corn needing to be picked one way due to that lovely downed, “horizontal” corn Benton County is becoming so famous for this year! BLAH!

    Dang! The drier buzzer just went off, so I had better do the same!

  2. cute!

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