Getting Rid of the Droopy Butt!

My Farmer wears jeans every day of the year. And he destroys jeans. He typically buys non-name brand, pretty cheap jeans that make his butt droop. And my Farmer has a cute butt! So when Wrangler teamed up with The Real Farmwives of America to offer us a chance to review a pair of Wrangler’s for our hubbies, I jumped up and down!
I poured through every pair of men’s jeans Wrangler offers. My Farmer is sort of picky about the jeans he wears. They have to be long, he’s 6’4″, and relaxed, he doesn’t like to get cut off at the waist. And a darker wash. The pair we have fits that bill!
However, when the package came, he decided they were much too nice to wear in the hog barn. Hmmm. Ruined my plans to take his picture doing his everyday barn activity. He reminded me any pair of jeans he wears in the barn end up torn from front to back. He has come home before with a homemade air-conditioning tear in his jeans. He wants to wear these jeans for nicer occasions.
Since we had a bit of snow over the weekend, it seemed like a great time for a snowball fight in the jeans.
Our Panda was the target of his aim! Monkey was busy shoveling snow.

And once they finished throwing snow at each other, he decided to shovel the snow! I will appreciate that when I’m trying to get out of the backdoor in the morning with my 3 inch heels on!

To win a pair of your own Wrangler Jeans please visit the Real Farmwives of America’s Page and sign up.

While Wrangler did give me a pair of jeans to review on this blog all thoughts, pictures and opinions shared here are my own. And deciding that these jeans finally made my Farmer’s rear end look good is my opinion too!


  1. We always start with Steve’s Wranglers all nicely hanging in the closet, and as they fade (or the old work ones tear), we slide them over to the work jeans drawer. Wranglers are the only sturdy kind I can find with a 38 inch inseam, and even then we usually have to order them. Good pics!

  2. Wrangles are the best. Count me in the drawing for a pair.

    Loved the photos.

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