Mommy Guilt and Travel Denial

I am getting ready to leave for South America in a few days. And I am in complete denial. I have nothing packed and my shopping list just keeps growing. The only Spanish I know is either from Dora or from some of the guys who work in our hog barns. So I can either ask for a red crayon when I’m in Chili or I can talk to someone about pigs per litter in Mendoza.  I don’t think either of those potential conversations will actually happen.

I’m in denial that I will be away from my family for 10 days.  I’ve never been away from my entire crew for that long. I know this trip will be such a great time, but I am going to miss a few things that are important to my crew. My Monkey has a spring music program that I won’t be able to attend. There are baseball meetings that The Farmer is going to have to take care of. And who knows what else will pop up that isn’t planned yet.

So, I haven’t actually packed anything in a suitcase yet. Instead, I’ve been doing the following:

*  Playing endless games of Apples to Apples and Headbanz with my girls

*  Letting the girls menu plan and help make some recipes

*  Doing countless loads of laundry

*  Snuggling with my kids

*  Reading books. Alot of books

*  Letting my Lion Cub sleep in my bed. I know it’s controversial to some, but there are times my little guy wants to sleep next to me. So I let him. And he will scoot over really close and put his little arm around my neck and snuggle his head into my neck. So then I can sniff his Johnson baby shampooed curly head.

The time will go fast. It’s the evening time alone that will seem slow. I’ll miss that curly headed little man and his little arm sneaking up around my neck. And when I get home, I can’t wait to be met with arms wide open and the smiles that will follow.


  1. I can completely empathazie. The only thing I can say to possibly help is to remember that it’s good to have a little time away, for both of you. Take videos on your phone and watch them while you are gone. Good luck and make sure you enjoy this wonderful opportunity to travel!

  2. You are not alone in your mommy guilt, but it is always good to have time to yourself.

    Never under estimate the power of Dora:)

  3. Have fun on your trip!

    Sarah @ This Farm family’s Life

  4. It’s going to be though but your (and they) are going to be fine!!!

    Have fun!

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