Crazy Mom and her Busy Kids!

I must be the world’s worst blogger. I’ve had plenty of ideas and just let days go by.  Wait, who am I kidding? It’s been three months since I’ve written a blog!! Let me give you a little snapshot of what has caused me delay.

Baseball.  My kids lives are baseball from the end of March until the end of June. Both girls play and completely love it. I love it as well, but not so much in the time we spend at the ballpark!

4-H is very important to our family. I am a proud 10-year 4H member, The Farmer completed 9 years and the kids will be taking their turn in years to come! This was Panda’s second year in Mini 4H, the stuff you do before “real” 4H starts.  This year she made a pillow, no bake cookies and showed a small pig in the Mini 4H livestock show. And in typical 4-H style, she made her pillow at 10:30pm a few nights before judging!!

And maybe not in 4-H tradition, the pig got a bath in my kitchen sink before her livestock show. I have since bleached the sink!! And rewashed the dishes that were beside the sink!

She also decided to be in the Princess pageant.  Please know I am NOT a pageant person.  I don’t understand how kids are picked the winners, why Mom’s have to fuss and primp all over their kids, or some of the attitudes that come with this whole pageant thing.  But she wanted to do it.  She didn’t place this year, but made new friends, loved every second of being on stage and can’t wait to do it next year!

She got to pick her favorite outfit to model first.  While other kids were wearing tutu’s and frilly dance outfits, my Panda wore overalls and boots!! Good farm kid!

She can dress up.  And she looked way too grown up in her pretty gown!!  Sob…sob…

The boots from her pageant outfit came in handy for her Hog Show!!

This just scratches the surface of our insanely busy summer. And maybe I will have to blog again with more pictures from the rest of our fair experiences! Memories are being made by my FenceRow. I look forward to sharing more of those with you in the weeks to come!


  1. Too funny! Pig in the sink? I have not heard of that one, but I’m sure it’s been done before. Pretty darned jealous that you are done with your fair. Ours starts the 19th, and we have one more project to finish plus the calves to continue to work with whenever the weather decides to cool off for us. Congrats and enjoy the rest of the summer!

  2. Loved her outfit of choice!

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