Wine With Me Wednesday: Sauvignon Blanc

There are two wines that I love to drink during the summer, Dry Rose’s and Sauvignon Blancs. Last week I talked about one of my favorite Rose’s. Today I will share with you a new Sauvignon Blanc I just discovered.

New Zealand is known for Sauvignon Blanc. They make many outstanding wines. And this might be a new favorite of mine. GoldWater Estate is found is the Marlborough region of New Zealand. This wine is a pale yellow color. When I poured it into the glass, I smelled citrus, pepper, and some mineral undertones.  
However, when I drank the glass, which I did pretty quickly, I tasted a lot of lime! And lime is one of my very favorite flavors.  I also taste a bit of peach and green apple flavor as well. 

This wine was about $16. But I can’t remember where I purchased it!! Ack!! I have been racking my brain as to where I have been wine shopping recently and still can’t come up with the store. I may have bought this at The Fresh Market, but can’t be sure until I go back!

This wine is a screw cap and should be enjoyed when you buy it. Don’t let it sit around to age. Enjoy it now! And enjoy it chilled! This will be a favorite of mine for some time! As soon as I can figure out where I purchased it!!


  1. That sounds really yummy. I’m going to keep my eyes open but if you find out where you got it, post it!!

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