Wine Wednesday: I’m surrounded by 10,000 bottles of wine!

I have said over and over that I have the best job in agriculture. As promoter of my state’s wine industry, I have the pleasure of working with 63 fabulous wineries and winemakers. I get to watch many new wineries open and see their wine be enjoyed by thousands of consumers. One of the really neat events I do every year is the media for our Indy International Wine Competition.

The competition takes place over three days at the Purdue Memorial Union Ballrooms. This year we have over 2600 entries from 41 states and 14 countries! Wineries from countries like France, Australia, Argentina and Germany have all sent their best entries to the competition. And even more exciting is to see states like North Dakota, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, California, Washington, Oregon and Indiana send their wines! States that you didn’t even expect to have wineries often make outstanding wine!

This picture shows what the Purdue Memorial Union ballrooms look like with 10,000 bottles of wine in it! Boiler Up!!

We invite 50 judges from around the world to go through these wines. They award gold, silver, bronze or no medal ratings based on the quality of each wine.

What are they hoping to win? Wine of the Year!! The best wine of the entire competition! More on those winners next week!


  1. Dirty Job but someone has to do it.

  2. I’ll volunteer for the semi-dry to semi-sweet categories. My brother-in-law keeps bringing bottles to family gatherings, and I keep praying I won’t have to drink a a desert…. one of these days there will be an oasis in a bottle he brings! Good to see you and your little guy this week. Hope the school year is starting out great for your girls. Hugs.

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