Changing my Attitude

Would I surprise you if I told you I am a runner? 
Marathon, I've done 4. Need to pick another one.
Surprise.  5 marathons, at least a dozen half marathons and countless 5K’s have seen my shoes cross their finish lines.  But I have been a sporadic runner.  I get distracted, mostly by my crazy full-time job, three kids and a big farm, life.
Oooooooh!  Shiny!
In 1999, I ran my first marathon, in Disney World, as a way to get my weight under control.  And so I could burn calories to drink wine!
For real!
So I’ve always used the excuse that I am too busy to consistently workout.
Better go run
And I’m a slow runner.  But being a Type A competitive person, I hate running slow.
Just Run
And I tend to measure progress by how far I have to go, not paying attention to all the miles behind me.
keep going
Running makes me happy.  It is stress relief.  And it is my time.
Walk away
So on October 1, 2012, I started running again.  Before the sun, roosters or any early bird or worm are awake.  For the past year I’ve blamed my Farmer for not getting home in time at night so I could go run.  I finally decided it’s not his fault.  There are plenty of free early morning hours before my house wakes up that I can run. 
This sits in both my work and home office. Never be afraid to move mountains.
Everyone deserves to be happy.  And maybe to change their attitude every once in awhile.  I’ll be running. Maybe some day I’ll be fast enough to feel like I’m flying.
Everyone deserves the chance to fly...


  1. You go girl! I am having a tough time finding 20 minutes for myself. I’m going to have to channel your energy somehow someway and get my mojo back.

  2. Good for you!

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