I Resolve To…

I don’t like resolutions.  In years past, I never keep them and I’m always uncertain why I need to pick one day to redo my entire life. But I do like goals.  I have a constant to-do list in my office and my kitchen.  I find great pleasure in crossing items off of that list and have even been known to add something to the list, once it is done, to be able to cross it off! 

With a to-do list in mind, I made a list of items I want to get done in 2013.

1.  Continue consistent workouts ~ I have enjoyed running for the past dozen years. Putting on my running shoes creates adrenaline before I even walk out the door.  I quit running last spring after doing a half-marathon and developing a bone spur in my heel.  I finally got it treated and began running again in October. I’m down almost 25 pounds and want the loss to continue.  But more than worrying about a number on a scale, I want the stress relief that running offers me.

 2.  Say NO more ~ I don’t say no when people ask me to do something. The saying “give a busy person the job you need done” applies to me. I serve on many different boards for both work and my personal life.  I love all of them and can’t imagine stepping back from any of them!  I can’t step off the board for work, but I am going to have to evaluate what I am doing in my personal life. My kids need me at this point in their life. They don’t need me going to meetings all of the time and being gone. 

3.  Quit yelling ~ Stress leads to me raising my voice, both at my Farmer and my kids.  I hate myself for that. I can’t stand getting to that point where I am so frustrated that I raise my voice. I’ve heard my kids yelling at each other and it makes me cringe. I know where they are learning that and I have to stop it now. 

4.  Make real friends ~ I’ve blogged in the past about my anxiety about relationship building. I’ve said if my world crashed around me tomorrow, I don’t know who I would call. I have thousands of friend-acquaintances. I hate small talk and suck at trying to talk to people on a surface level. One of my closest friends lives two hours from me. The small group of Real Farmwives of America, many of which I relate to so well, live two hours south of me.  So I either need to move two hours south or do a better job making true friendships in the area I live.  It hit me pretty hard on New Year’s Eve when I noticed a friend’s Facebook post about the people she had over for a party.  The whole group are people I think are good friends of mine, and yet I wasn’t on the invitation list. Which sounds petty. But it hurt. And it feels a bit like Junior High. 

5.  Blog more ~ This goes without saying. And by blogging today, this provides the fresh start I need to develop ideas and write about them.

6.  Read my Bible frequently ~ Anyone who knows me knows my faith guides all that I do. I was baptized at 10 years old and proudly shared my faith all through high school and college. And while my faith is still everything to me, I have gotten away from daily Bible studies. By using the YouVersion app on my IPad, I will read a passage everyday for the entire year.  

7.  Breathe and get rid of the anxiety ~ This should also be titled “quit multitasking everything.” I feel like I run on stress. And it wears me down. I worry about the tiniest things. Doubt and fear creep into my head and it creates physical and mental pain. There are days I feel like I have a huge weight on my chest. And I know it’s stress. 

So with my to-do list in front of me, I greet 2013 with great anticipation. This will be my year of change. It’s time to reevaluate what is important and what makes a difference for my eternity. 


  1. Woohoo on the weight loss and a great bunch of goals!

  2. I say that is a great group of goals for any person to work on for the year. Good luck and happy 2013!

  3. I love this and can relate on SO many levels! This is a good list 🙂

  4. This is a great list! You go girl! 🙂

  5. Great post! We are very similar in the fact that I love checking things off my to-do list, but not so much at making new years resolutions! Happy 2013:)

  6. I’m with you on 1-3, especially #3. You are not alone on that one! Makes me cringe too, and I know it is stress and the chaos of the day that gets my blood pressure literally and figuratively flying up into the danger zone. Everyone in this house needs to learn how to relax and find patience with each other! I also find myself thinking our blog pals are too far away for me to join in regular fun and outings. Sigh….. Hang in there, and LOVE your post!

    Happy NEW Year!

  7. I am all for you moving two hours south!! 🙂 Not sure the Farmer will agree.

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