Fitness Friday: The feet beneath me

Last week I showed you where I run.  This week I’ll show you what I run in.

I’m addicted to Brook’s Adrenaline shoes.  I’ve run in these since I started running.  If my shoes could talk, they would tell you they’ve been to beaches, islands, running paths, farm fields, vineyards, bridges, foreign countries and countless county roads.  I have worn every version of these shoes for the past 16 years. I’ve tried other brands but I always come back to these.

These medals show just a glimpse of my efforts of my shoes. In a future post I will get every medal I have from all of my races and take a group picture.  There are a lot! I like to have a goal in my training.  Marathons and half marathons make great goals!

If you are new to running or exercise, I can not stress enough the importance of getting good shoes. It is vital to have the support when working out! Get to a running store.  Have them watch you run.  It is embarrassing but they can assess your foot placement when you step and find the correct shoe for you. Otherwise you’ll fight injury and want to give up!

Next week I’m going to feature a cool piece of technology I just recently started using on my runs.  And it is motivating me to run further and attempt to run faster!

Until then, what kind of shoes do you run in?  Are you loyal or do you like pretty colored shoes!! I like both!

Just keep moving!


  1. I started running this past summer and thought I could just get a pair of shoes from Kohl’s….after horrible foot pain, I finally went and was fitted for Brooks as well. LOVE them. They made running so much more enjoyable.

    Cristi A.

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