And Then Our Circle Got Smaller

I count some of my dearest friends among my fellow Real Farmwives of America blogging buddies. These women share my daily struggles, many as full-time working moms.  We manage jobs, kids, farms, houses, countless scratches and tears, and now…we manage the loss of one.

Leontien was a beautiful person. She made me laugh when we were all together and she started telling stories about her attempt to get married to the same guy three different times! 

After a long battle with cancer, she left this life for the next. And today, on what would have been her 34th birthday, she was laid to rest. In honor of her birthday, we were asked to do a random act of kindness. Mine seems almost too simple to even mention. In my normal rush through the grocery store I did something I don’t really like to do.  I talked to people in the store.  Sounds dumb, right?  And yet, my 45 minutes doing my grocery shopping is my quiet time. I don’t take the kids, if I can help it. I want to zone out and shop. Yet today, I talked and smiled at people. Some I knew, since I do live in a small town.  Others I didn’t.  And I even talked at some length to the cashier.  I even pointed out she undercharged me for my leaf lettuce.  And I enjoyed a quick visit with the girl packing my groceries. The store hires a few girls with special needs to load the groceries.  They are sweet and enjoy conversation.  

So Leontien, It just doesn’t seem fair that on the day we should be celebrating your birthday, you are instead being laid to rest. At least not fair for those left behind. But we have the hope that you are celebrating a new birthday with no pain and no tears. And for that simple promise, we rejoice. I know you will be met with the words “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. It really seemed like she would beat it this time again, too.

  2. And I bet you made someone’s day. You never know when you just need a kind voice and a gentle smile. Even in the grocery store.

  3. She is smiling on you and your efforts. Well done to you too!

  4. She is smiling on you and your efforts. Well done to you too!

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