Hop on the Hershey Bunny Trail this Easter!

As I sit down to write about Easter, I’m having a hard time imagining our best Sunday dresses, egg hunts and other springtime activities since I’m looking at 8 inches of snow out of my farmhouse window! 

But Easter bring a season of renewal. And is the holiday that offers the most promise. Easter is more about egg hunts and candy, although I enjoy that part very much! To me, Easter is about the promise Jesus gave us by dying on a cross. The promise of hope eternal and a life in Heaven, just for accepting His gift! 

So Easter morning will involve a joy-filled church service.  But we won’t leave out the egg hunts and the candy! As a kid, my parents would dress us in our fanciest dresses for church. After church we’d hunt plastic eggs filled with candy and money. My Mom always had a few special eggs filled with dollar bills! Those were the ones I always sought hardest!

For Easter this year, we will have lunch with my parents. The past few years have involved giving all the grandkids a chance to break a pinata. It’s always filled with great Hershey’s candy, money and other treats. And I think it’s funny to watch the kids as they dive for the candy or money. My Monkey tends to go after the money! My Panda likes the candy 🙂

To help fill our pinata, Hershey’s send me an Easter basket filled with some of my favorite treats. I’m not a big chocolate eater, but I do love these little treats around Easter! The basket was filled with York Dark Peppermint Egg shaped Patties, Resse’s Peanut Butter filled bunnies, Hershey’s Cookie and Creme eggs, Hershey Kisses and Hershey Candy Coated eggs.

Hershey wants you to hop down the Hershey’s Bunny Trail! Visit CelebrateWithHersheys.com, to celebrate the fun part of Easter!  They have a lot of fun stuff like basket ideas, crafts, and recipes. And share your favorite Easter memory! It’s a season of promise!

Hershey’s provided me the Easter basket and the treats inside.  And while I will have to run miles and miles to work off all the calories of these little treats, Hershey’s did not influence my opinion of their chocolate or the company. My love of Easter candy  is all mine!

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