Wine Wednesday: Satek Winery Tawny Port

Have I mentioned out temperatures this week have ranged from a -45 degree wind chill to a big warm up of 5 degrees today.  And there are 18 inches of snow on the ground in my cornfield.  The kids went out to play and I nearly lost my Lion Cub in all the snow. The cold temps and snow we’ve had in the Midwest has made me think of warm wines.  This post has nothing to do with the fact my kids have been on break for 2 1/2 weeks and I haven’t been in my office since December 20th.  Or that they have cabin fever and miss their friends.  And I have a ton of work to do. Nothing…at all…

I’m looking for a wine that warms you as you drink them. That made me pull out a very special port from a great Indiana winery.

Satek Winery started as a c149aommercial vineyard in 1992 in northeastern Indiana with the intent to eventually open a winery. The winery opened in 2001 and has seen tremendous growth in the years since then! Owned by Larry and Pam Satek, along with their son Jason and assistant winemaker Shane Crist, make exceptional wine and create an experience for their guests to remember.



While the temperatures dropped outside, I dug through  my wine cellar for a good sipping wine. I found a bottle of Satek Winery’s Kreimbaum Bay Decennial Tawny Port. This bottle of wine is in honor of their 10th anniversary and is a blend of all the ports they have made.

2014-01-08 13.07.56

When I first smelled and tasted this, I thought it tasted like the thick toasty caramel on the outside of a caramel apple.  This wine has been aged in oak, so you get a lot of smoky, oakiness as well.  This wine is 20% alcohol, so you should plan this as an after dinner drink, or an aperitif to be enjoyed in smaller quantities!

And at just under $40 for a 375ml bottle, you will want to enjoy lightly or buy a few bottles! It is the perfect wine for 18 inches or snow or to enjoy on a cold evening.





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