Wine Wednesday: Maryhill Winery 2012 Rosé Sangiovese

I love rosé.  It’s no secret that I like dry pink wine.  They make me happy.  I’ll drink it in warm weather.  Cold snowy weather. Basically, whenever!

One of my favorite wineries is Maryhill Winery in Washington state.  I have tried many of their wines and have yet to find one I didn’t like!  According to their website, they opened in 2001 and have grown into one of the largest and most-visited wineries in Washington.   They are frequent entrants into the wine competition I help manage, the Indy Internationall.  “The Indy” is one of the largest wine competitions in the country and hands out some exceptional awards every year.  In 2013, Maryhill Winery won Winemaker of the Year! This award honors the winemaker with the most gold medals in the competition.  Gold medals mean it’s a great wine!!  And Maryhill Winery is making some truly outstanding wines!

2014-01-14 19.45.06

From the MaryHill Winery website, “Macerated on the skins overnight and cold fermented to accentuate the berry characteristics of Sangiovese, this Rosé is a perfect combination of fresh, garden strawberry and tangy rhubarb. Crisp and clean on the finish, the rosy glow is sure to be both a visual and palate pleaser! Pair with BBQ, lasagna and savory omelet.”

I thought it was lovely. I did pick up a ton of strawberry flavors when I smelled and tasted the wine. At only $14 a bottle, this is a bargain!



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