Fitness Friday: Or not…

The cold is killing my running progress.  I take two steps forward and about a hundred backwards. This weather is driving me nuts. I can’t run outside when the temps are -20 degrees.  I really prefer the temp be above zero if I’m going to run outside.  Ok, let’s be real.  I prefer 50 degrees to run outside.  It’s optimum chubby girl temps.  Then I don’t sweat as much and retain a bit of dignity.

I’ve already declared my hatred of the treadmill.  And the gym.  I tried the gym.  With a trainer.  Who made me feel like an idiot.  Made me do jumping jacks even after I declared I would pee my pants if there wasn’t something else I could do.  Heck, I’ve had three kids.  The bladder isn’t what it used to be.  And despite the best bra in the world, the girls bounce a lot.  Not a lot of encouragement either.  Comments like “that was ok” just weren’t encouraging me.  So I quit the gym.

And now I’m not sure what to do.  As I just looked up from having my head buried in  my computer all morning, I notice more snow.  I could cry.

I don’t feel like eating.  Although I’ve made great meals for the family, food just doesn’t sound good.  So if I do eat, it’s my favorite comfort stuff.  Mac and cheese and ice cream.  I could live on dairy.

I have to get moving.  The American Dairy Association of Indiana is giving me a great opportunity to serve as a Refueling Ambassador.  I need to run some races.  And tell you all about it.  So it’s back to the grind.  Because I can’t mess this up. And I want the change again!

Back to the road.  Or treadmill.  Just not the kitchen.





  1. Spring will be here before you know it! 🙂 (and not a moment too soon!)

  2. Also: your Pinterest link doesn’t work! Shows a 404 error when I click on the link.

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