Fitness Friday: Old Ben 5K

I’m getting ready to run my first race in a long time! It’s a simple 5K.  Or it should be simple, except that it’s been cold.

IMG_1650[1]See the snow?  And the temperature reading on my car?  That was warm compared to what some of my runs have been in recent weeks.

I’m running as an American Dairy Association of Indiana Dairy Refuel Runner Ambassador.  My races were supposed to start last year.  However, a foot injury sidelines my running for most of the summer and fall.  Laziness and cold weather excuses stopped me from running this winter.

As part of the Ambassador program, I’m using chocolate milk in my running recovery program.  I’ll tell you a secret.  I don’t like chocolate.  No candy bars, syrup, truffles. Nothing.  But I really enjoy chocolate milk!!  I’m not sure what the different is, but I do enjoy a glass of chocolate milk!

After each run I drink between 3-5 ounces of chocolate milk.  Not only does it quench my thirst, but I do have more energy than when I just drink water.  Don’t get me wrong. I drink plenty of water during the day.  So much that I make quite a few trips to the bathroom.  So I’m not forgoing water for milk.  Just adding milk to my running recovery plan because #WinnerDrinkMilk.

So Saturday it’s a 5K.  The entire family is going with me.  Lion Cub is running a 2/10ths of a mile kids race.  Panda and Monkey are doing the 5K with me.  The Farmer insists on just watching.  He doesn’t run.  Unless the barn is burning down.  Although we was a cross-country runner in high school!

I’ll let you know next week how I do.  I’m not expecting speed.  Just to finish.  And I expect I’ll have to walk at least half the race.  I am just getting my groove back.


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