It may be big, but it’s still my family farm

I am the 4th generation on my family farm. The Farmer and I returned to my family farm while we were still students at Purdue. And I’m constantly asked how big our farm is.



It’s not a question I really answer.  Not because I need to hide anything, but because it’s a business.  It’s personal.  I don’t walk into family owned businesses and ask to see their financial records.

So why I don’t often share acreage or hogs raised, I am proud to say my family has worked hard for the farm that we have.



You’ve likely heard that so many big farms are corporate owned. I disagree.  Between 97-98% of farms are family owned. It may be a big farm, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a corporate farm.


And if you don’t like farmers, don’t  eat. Don’t complain if you go to bed with your belly full. Because it’s my family that helped put the food on your plate. And maybe our family farm isn’t surrounded by white picket fences, but we are still a family farm. One where my kids grow up working alongside The Farmer and their grandpa. It’s my family’s farm.  No matter how many acres there may be.


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