See me…I’m Vlogging!!

I really don’t know if “vlogging” is a word accepted by Webster’s Dictionary. If it isn’t, I’m adding it to my vocabulary. Because I’m video blogging! Yes, I’m learning to accept I have hair and hips for radio. But my voice has always been my strong point. My first career was behind a microphone as a farm broadcasters for radio stations across Indiana and sometimes, in front of a TV camera. Writing is hard for me. Talking comes naturally.

So I’m going to try video blogging. And I want your feedback! Not the feedback where you tell me I need to lose 40 pounds. Or that I need better hair and makeup. But the feedback that tells me if you like this? What would you like to see me feature? More pictures of harvest? The hog barns? My kids?!

Honestly, for the first time in a long time in awhile, I’m excited about what this means for my blog. I’ve struggled, trying to find its home, telling the farm story that I am so passionate about and standing out amongst so many other blogs. But I think this is it. You’ll still see me write on here. I do have plenty of recipes and stories to share. But when it comes to the farm, I’ll show it to you through video. And you can see what our 4th generation family farm looks like!  And you’ll still see the 5th generation helping on the farm too!

When I shot this video, all of the combines doing wheat harvest were at the back of the field. I was able to catch a picture after they had parked for the night.  There are two combines and one grain cart in this picture.  You’ll see the grain cart in the video.


Now for the video! Be kind! And yes, the grain cart is sideways in one part of the video. My Farmer wasn’t driving it like that, I turned my camera and can’t figure out how to correct it yet! Sorry for that!

Wheat Harvest 2014




  1. You were great! Great edits and a good glimpse into real life on a working farm- especially one where you live on that property! Keep them coming 🙂

  2. I loved it!

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