Wine Wednesday: Holman Ranch Rose’

I love Rose’ wine.  I’ve written many wine blogs on my reviews of Rose’.  Everything from sparkling, sweet, Indiana’s own Chambourcin Rose’ to some fine French styles.  I drink Rose’ year-round and am not afraid to open a bottle just because.  It will always be my favorite style of wine!

California’s Holman Ranch recently sent me a bottle of their 2013 Rosé of Pinot Noir.  This wine is the perfect shade of pink and is delightfully crisp upon first sip.  Even when I popped the cork on the bottle, I was blown away by the floral nose that wafted from the bottle.  This wine smelled great!  I noted watermelon, wildflowers, and strawberry in both the nose and the glass.  I loved this wine and would encourage you to find a bottle!

But with that being said, I just visited their website,, and it says the wine is SOLD OUT??  Wow.  I just got my sample a month or so ago.  I hate to write a review of a wine that isn’t available anymore.  However, this is the second wine I’ve had from Holman Ranch, the first being a Sauvignon Blanc that I purchased, and I enjoy their wine.  So while you may not find the Rose’ anymore, I would encourage you to consider their other wines as well.  I only wish I had another bottle of the Rose’ stored away for a cold day this winter.

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From Holman Ranch’s press release:

Holman Ranch 2013 Blushing Bride truly does embrace the spirit of warm weather wine, all while staying true to the tenets of this classic bistro tradition. A bright nose with a subtle hint of wildflowers jumps out of the glass and its lengthy palate and juicy overtones finish off this all estate selection. Did we mention Absolutely Stunning? Personality, style, beauty and values. Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

  • No. of Acres: 4.73
  • Year Planted: 2007
  • No. of Cases: 104
  • Price: $20

Located at the north-eastern tip of the Carmel Valley Appellation, the family-owned Holman Ranch resides approximately 12 miles inland from the Pacific Coast. Immersed in history and romance, the ranch has not only proven to be an excellent growing location for our vineyards but also for the Tuscan varietal olive trees which have flourished under the temperate climate.

  • Our estate-grown wine varietals are planted on approximately 21 acres of undulating terrain.
  • The wines produced are unfined and crafted to deliver the true varietal of the grape from harvest to bottle.
  • The climate and terroir of the appellation has played a critical part in the success of our wines. The warmth of our inland valley coupled with the cooling marine layer has established itself as an ideal microclimate for the production of Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris. Our Burgundy Clones have thrived from the perfect blend of ideal climate, southern exposure and thin rocky soils.

Holman Ranch provided me this bottle of wine.  The opinions are solely my own and were written completely sober!


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