A Grateful Pumpkin

I’ve always wondered what we should do with our pumpkins once Halloween is over.  We don’t usually carve them.  The kids haven’t been old enough to have free reign with sharp objects yet.  And I never process them to make pumpkin because The Farmer doesn’t like pumpkin and won’t eat desserts made from it.

So normally they just get thrown in the field.  Until this year.

Last year, social media was buzzing with people writing something they are thankful for everyday during November.  We are taking it a different direction.  A bit more private.  I don’t need to tell the whole world that I’m grateful for my family or my job or my farm.  People who know me know I’m thankful.  And I get sick of reading the bragging these posts turn in to.

So my family will keep our thankfulness a bit more private.  And save our Halloween pumpkins to turn them into a Grateful Thanksgiving Pumpkin.

Each day, we will take one of our undecorated, glitter-free pumpkin and write on it.  Each family member will write one thing they are thankful for each day of November.  By the end of the month our pumpkin will be full of our thoughts.  Last year, our pumpkin was a great reflection of what The Farmer and I are trying to instil in our kids.  Values, morals, love.




What are we thankful for?  Plenty.  We will write on the pumpkin until we reach the end of the month.  If the pumpkin fills up, I still have a few more we can write on.  Because we have much to be thankful for.




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