Vlogging: Unloading Hundreds of Pigs

For most people, the day after Christmas means sleeping in, watching football, playing with the kids toys, card games and naps.  When you live on a farm, life looks a little different.

The Little Man and I spent the morning helping The Farmer unload a semi-load of baby pigs.  We get these pigs when they are about 18-21 days old.  Our farms are set up so the pigs are born on a main farm and then transferred to other barns to finish them out.  Finishing means feeding them until they are six months of age and ready to go to market.

The pigs are loaded onto a semi at our main farm.  The semi is ventilated so the pigs have plenty of fresh air as they move to another barn.  Once they are moved into this barn, they get sorted into pens based on their weight.  They have instant access to feed and water.  And we sort out any pig that looks like it needs some extra TLC and give it whatever vet care it may need.  Sorting them by size allows the smaller pigs to be grouped together with pigs their size so they don’t fight bigger pigs for food.

The video shows how we move them in and sort them.  They sure are cute at this age!

Click on the link below to watch a video of our day!  I’m still working on getting this blog to be a real video site.  A new computer is throwing me for a loop.  Any advice??



Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!




  1. I like to use YouTube or Vimeo so that I have a record of how many people have viewed the file and it’s easily shared between social networks. Thanks for posting!

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