16 Pounds Lighter, Yet Miles to Go

I’ve blogged many times about my effort to lose weight.  I’ve been on every diet known to man.  Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Seattle Sutton, Shakeology, Slimfast and others.  Through all of those, I’ve lost a lot of one thing…money.  And yet I’ve managed to gain 90 pounds in the past 12 years.  90.  I’ve put on the weight equivalent to my 11-year-old.  How embarrassing.  I’ve gained weight with each pregnancy.  And the weight never left.

So I’ve finally decided it’s time to stop the madness.  No more crazy diets.  No more shakes.  No more pre-packaged meals.  I’m simply eating less.  And eating better.  So far, I’m down 16 pounds.  Did you hear that??  16 pounds!!  I just lost my 11-year-olds left arm.  I’ll take what I can get.

Dairy Queen and I love each other.  Ice cream is my weakness.  The little pizza shop in the nearby small town makes the best thin crust pizza I’ve ever eaten.  And the seasonal hot dog stand is a week away from opening.  Nothing screams summer than driving under the little orange awning, rolling the window down and enjoying a hot door and root beer while watching the world go by.

And I’ll still enjoy those, but now only occasionally.  The biggest change I’ve had to make it to realize there will always be more of something tomorrow.  I have always had an all or nothing mentality.  If I’m going to eat Oreo’s, I’m going big.  Eat 6 Oreo’s,  not just 1.  There may not be any tomorrow.  Except my college educated brain knows better.  Short of Armageddon, there won’t be a Oreo shortage.  And in my mansion in Heaven, there will be Oreo’s!!  So I’m training my self to slow down, savor the food and know there is always more.

I’m also back in the gym.  I love to lift weights.  It makes me feel so strong and powerful!  And my favorite all-time exercise is running. I should call is “slogging”, slow jogging.  But it is the best medicine I know.  And I get to run on a great trail with a bridge and this view.
2015-02-25 13.45.14

I hope you’ll join me in this final weight loss attitude.  No more diets.  No more pills.  Only the will and determination to get the weight off.  I don’t need to lose 90 pounds in a month.  I expect it to take a year or more.  But slow and steady wins the race.  And I’ll be happy to be a slow loser if the weight finally stays off!




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