In Case You Were Waiting For Me to Fail

When I put my entire weight loss journey out for everyone to see, I assume there might be someone who is just watching to see if and when I fail.

Your wait is over.  I feel like I’ve fallen.

I decided a month ago I would only be weighing myself once a week.  And I hid the scale.  Put it way on the top shelf of the closet.  And I piled sheets on top of it so it would be harder to get!

I’ve worked out for 26 days in a row.  I’ve never done that.  Even when I used to run marathons, I took days off from running.  This time I decided I need daily movement.  I’ve been lifting weights and walking, running, or slow jogging on days I’m not lifting.  I feel much better.  I don’t mind waking up at 4:30am to go to the gym.  I’m finally making myself a priority. That’s something I’ve never done before.

In my first 21 days of working out, I lost 16.2 pounds.  I felt like I was sailing through this weight issue and pictured myself sitting on our boat next summer in a yellow bikini.  Then I weighed myself on Friday for this weeks weight check.  I wanted to chuck the scale through the window.

I lost .6 pounds this week.  That’s less than a pound.  About the weight of 2 bananas.  whoopee. That makes my total weight loss 16.8 pounds.  And my entire self-doubt and fear came creeping back.  The confidence I had felt shaken.  I wanted to go find a giant Diet Pepsi, skip the workouts and make some cheesy comfort food to feel sorry with.

Thankfully, I’ve at least gained the strength to keep moving forward.  I put on my workout clothes and went to the gym.  I was so mad the entire workout I hit my head on the squat rack bar (picture a large metal pole) I had loaded with weights and have a nice goose egg on the top of my head.  Then I tried to gash my leg open when rearranging some equipment i needed to use.  It was bleeding before I took the picture.

2015-09-18 05.50.45

What a fun morning of workouts.  At least I gave the gym rat men something to laugh at.

On a positive note, I’ve been dealing with a heel spur off and on for 4 years.  It starts flaring up and hurting every two years.  For the past month, I’ve only worn heels when not in workout shoes.  The heels don’t hurt my feet.  Walking flat-footed kills me.  So I finally bit the bullet and went to visit the podiatrist.  I was the only person in that office wearing cute red heels!

2015-09-18 09.41.27

Love these shoes!  After a quick shot (OUCH) and a prescription to help the foot swelling go down, my foot should be feeling better in a week.  It will make my running feel much better.

I know all of my cheerleaders will remind me that the scale shouldn’t be the sole source of my success.  But I have so much weight I need to lose.  I did measure myself when I started and will report on that in my next weigh-in.  And I know muscle weighs more than fat.  But I want that number to go down.  And quickly.  That’s where I have to change my mindset.  Slow and steady…I’m more like the turtle than the hare.




  1. Thanks for making me smile! Its been a struggle & I HATE working out alone. Reading your post made me smile and think I can do this…maybe I don’t have to have someone to work out with…maybe I should blog and take my frustrations out that way-after I have been to the gym!

  2. You are correct: this cheerleader will tell you that YOU are MORE than a NUMBER! I’ve been a bit envious of you because I’ve not had a single, major weight drop in my journey like you (and my other friends) have had. BUT I am witness to the fact that a lot of little losses add up to a lot. What’s more, is that you have developed a new pattern of living that didn’t let you fall back into the old habit of feeding to soothe a hurt, but that propelled to you push forward. You are a ‘loser’ and in the end that makes you a winner. Love you!!

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