My Hand in a Bag of Chocolate Chips

Today was my monthly weigh-in.  The day to drag the dreaded scale, strip down naked, hold my breath and gingerly step on the horrible machine.

I knew I wouldn’t have a 20 pound loss like I did in my first month of weight loss efforts.  I was hoping for a 10 pound loss.  So when the scale showed a total loss of 7 pounds for the month, I was disappointed.  Everyone keeps telling me that weight loss should be slow.  I hate that advise.  I have so many pounds to lose, rolls I’d like to disappear and dimples that aren’t in my cheeks that need to vacate my body.

This day wasn’t my best day ever.  I have one with strep throat.  So she couldn’t go to school and I stayed home for work with her.  I have so much work that I was divided between her needing me and my job needing my attention!  My breakfast choices were great, but as the day went on, I found myself taking dips and snacks whenever I walked through the kitchen.  And when I found my hand in a bag of chocolate chips, I reached out to a friend so she could tell me to stop!  And she did!

So at the end of the day, I needed to go to the gym.  And at 8pm on a Friday night, this is what I was greeted with.


My gym was empty. I had the entire place to myself.  It’s nice to work out on whatever machine I want to use.  But eerily quiet as well!

One of the pieces of equipment I like using is this Bosu Ball.  It’s horrible if you don’t have any balance.  But I like using it.

Bosu ball

My favorite way to use this is to flip it over so the round part is on the floor.  Then you stand on the flat part, feet as far apart as possible, grab a weight in both hands and do squats.  It may sound easy, but remember you are balancing on a squishy ball thing and trying not fall off!

All of the squats, combined with my other weight lifting and running efforts, have led to a total of 27 pound weight loss.  I’ve also lost 19 inches.  Yet, I look in the mirror and I don’t see any differences.  The inches have come off in weird spots.  Like my neck.  I never knew my neck was fat!  Yet, I’ve lost 2 inches from my neck.


I’m not sure what the lesson from this months weight loss efforts are.  So many challenges and self-doubt keep racking my brain.  I keep saying this isn’t a diet, but a change in lifestyle.  But I want the scale to move quickly.  So I’ll keep trudging along and hopefully reach my weight loss goal by 2025.  Or maybe, if I’m lucky, just a few years sooner.  There’s a cute bikini waiting for me to try on again.




  1. Good job!! The bosu ball is awesome. I love flipping it over and doing push ups on it (hands on the flat side of the bosu ball and feet on the floor). Works like a charm. Keep up the good work!

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